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Official release
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PLCopen TC4 – OPC UA



PLCopen together with the OPC Foundation worked on a new edition of the definition of a set of Function Blocks providing OPC-UA client functionality. With this functionality implemented on a controller it becomes possible to initiate a communication session to any other available OPC UA Server. The controller can exchange complex data structures horizontally with other controllers independently from fieldbus system or vertically with other devices using an OPC-UA server call in an MES/ERP system in order to collect data or write new production orders to the cloud. It allows a production line to be independently active in combination with integrated OPC-UA Security features. 

The original version 1.0 was published in 2014, and during several implementations it became clear that additional as well as different functionality was needed, esp. concerning a List feature where one can group information in a list, and work with the function blocks on these lists (versus individual parameters). 

This new edition is now published (October 2016) as version 1.1. You can download this document PLCopen_OPC-UA_Client for IEC 61131-3 as .pdf

For more information: PLCopen TC4