PLCopen Board of Management

In June PLCopen had a very successful virtual annual General Meeting. Part of the meeting related to elections in the Board of Management.

 We are pleased to announce that:

  • Rene Simon of ifak was re-elected as member of the Board of Management and as Chairman;
  • Achim Koch of SMS-Group was re-elected as member of the Board of Management;
  • Steffen Stang of Siemens was re-elected as member of the Board of Management;

In view of his new responsibilities within Omron Corporation, Atsushi Tominaga san proposed to transfer his Board membership to his colleague Jaeyoung Park.

Jaeyoung Park san is the General Manager of the Controller and HMI Product Management Group (Controller Division) of OMRON Corporation and based in Kyoto, Japan. He joined Omron in 2010 as a Controller Sales. In 2013 he moved to Omron Korea for Business Planning, then came back to the Omron HQ (Japan) as Product Manager of Controller (PLC) in 2017. As of 2021 he has the responsibility for Controller and HMI Product Business Planning.
“I feel that PLC programming and set-up engineering lack issues that will become bigger than nowadays at the Factory Automation market, and I hope to solve this issue as a member of PLCopen. It is an honor for me to join the PLCopen Board of Management”, says Jaeyoung Park.

PLCopen sincerely thanks the parting Atsushi Tominaga san for his work as member of the Board of Management, and is glad to announce that Jaeyoung Park san was elected as new member of the Board of Management.  We wish him a good start in this new role and a successful period with our Board of Management.