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Software plays an ever-increasing role in industrial automation. This results in a software cost increase, even to the point that it becomes the highest part of the total system. To control these costs, one needs higher efficiency during the application development, while increasing the software quality and decreasing the maintenance and update costs.

PLCopen is the leading vendor and product independent worldwide association for topics related to industrial control programming. PLCopen consistently improves efficiency. We provide possibilities for faster application development, faster commissioning time and reduced life cycle costs. We are able to accomplish this by being a platform of cooperation for our members, coming from all fields of the industry.

Because of the fruitful cooperation with our members you can benefit from knowledge, support and create solutions in all fields of automation. You too can benefit and be more efficient by joining us, working with us, and be part of the future. We invite you to explore our website and hope that the information is helpful to you or your company.

Be part of an efficient automation future, be part of PLCopen !

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