One aspect of PLCopen's work is the certification of programming systems that are IEC 61131-3 compliant (Logic) and in compliance with the requirements stated in the PLCopen Motion Control, Safety, OPC UA and XML specifications. 

PLCopen Logic certification

The starting point  for the certification of IEC 61131-3 compliant programming systems is a document titled "PLCopen Guideline: Compliance Testing & Certification".

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PLCopen Motion Control certification

The rules for compliance and certification are in fact a self-certifcation. The results are reviewed by PLCopen before certification is granted and published on this website. Certified companies (PLCopen members only) are allowed to use the PLCopen Motion Control logo.

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PLCopen Safety certification

Included in the PLCopen Safety specification are the rules for compliance and certification. There are different levels of certification applicable:

  1. Certification of the software tools, often part of the control supplier
  2. Certification / Conformity of the application at the user and/or machine builder

Certified companies (PLCopen members only) are allowed to use the PLCopen Safety logo.

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