How to become a member

Membership of PLCopen has many benefits for vendors, users and institutes. It demonstrates a commitment of vendors and users to open software standards. PLCopen is a truly international and vendor and product independent organization, with around 100 members from around the world.

PLCopen offers a number of membership categories, strongly supporting the user community. The annual membership contribution depends on voting and non-voting rights, the number of relevant employees involved with control software and the nature of the organization. Membership fees

Voting members are listed on the PLCopen website and in various PLCopen publications. One voting member equals one vote, no matter the size of the company. They can participate in the Technical Committees and have their products certified for IEC 61131-3 languages, Motion Control and Safe Software Compliance. In the non-voting membership category, all non-voting members are equal. They receive all the benefits listed above without the right to vote. And  non-voting members are not visible as PLCopen members; their names are not listed on the PLCopen website or any other publications. User members can actively participate in Technical Committees, but Resellers cannot. This category of membership is like a sponsorship without visibility.

As is true for every organization, an active membership yields better results than a passive one. Thus, an active membership, contributing to the different committees, is encouraged.
You can join PLCopen by sending us the Membership Application Form