Membership of PLCopen has many benefits for vendors, users and institutes. It demonstrates a commitment of vendors and users to open software standards. PLCopen is a truly international and vendor and product independent organization, with around 100 members from around the world.

You can contribute to PLCopen by joining our organization as a member. This will give you:

  • Direct influence on technical and commercial issues.
  • Contact with other vendors, users and institutes. These informal contacts have proven to be a major benefit to the members.
  • Early exchange of information; during meetings and via the minutes of meetings. Access to this information is provided to all members, even if not represented in a committee.
  • Early recognition of trends.
  • Identification as a supporter of standardization.  Users increasingly demand products which comply with the IEC 61131-3 standard as well as PLCopen extensions to this standard. A vendor who openly supports the standards is more readily accepted by these users.
  • PLCopen publishes the names of the voting members on its website and at trade shows. This visibility is important free publicity.
  • Usage of the numerous PLCopen logos and reference on the website and in the newsletter in case of PLCopen certification.

Membership categories

As a non-profit association, PLCopen is depending on its income through the membership fees. We offer a multi-level membership, ranging from suppliers to educational institutes, strongly supporting the user community with its own membership categories. The different categories are:

  • Companies: commercial organizations active as producer in the field of industrial control.
  • Users: focused to the application and usage of industrial control.
  • Re-sellers: added value is not in the industrial control, nor its programming environment. In many cases they use an independent software development environment from a third party, and have integrated with their (hardware) products.
  • Non-profit organizations: institutes registered as non-profit organizations.
  • Educational institutes: universities and technical schools.

The following categories of members are visible on this site:

The non-voting members are not listed on this website. But with the exception of voting rights and visibility they receive the same benefits as voting members. User members can activily participate in the PLCopen technical committees, but Resellers cannot. This category of membership is like a sponsorship without visibility.

Read more about the Benefits of PLCopen membership and How to become a member.