PLCopen General Meeting 2017

During this meeting the members voted on the representatives in the Board of Management.

We are glad to announce that Rene Simon of ifak (Institut f. Automation und Kommunikation) in Germany was re-elected as Chairman for a 2 years term and Dirk Vielsäcker of Siemens was re-elected as a member of the Board for another 2 years.

A special topic of this year’s General Meeting was the role of PLCopen in Industry 4.0, linked to the Administration Shell ("Verwaltungsschale") as defined in Industry 4.0. Michael Hoffmeister of Festo, who plays a key role in the Industry 4.0 RAMI Model, presented his views and opinions on this subject. It was decided at the General Meeting that PLCopen will start a new working group focused on the PLCopen contribution to Industry 4.0.