PLCopen Guidelines for OOP - application examples for Motion Control v0.99 RFC

In November 2021 PLCopen released their Guidelines for Object Oriented Programming, version 1.0. An additional document within the framework of the PLCopen Software Construction Guidelines. It shows how to convert a “classical” program to an OO program.

This year the PLCopen Promotional Committee on Training started on a side document showing an application example for Motion Control.

We have now published the document “Application Examples for Motion Control – Porting Function blocks for motion control into OOP”, version 0.99 as Release for Comments. We look forward to receive your feedback and comments on this document. The deadline has been extended till October 15, 2022. Comments can be made directly in the pdf file and sent back to PLCopen.

The document (and project file) can be downloaded from the PLCopen website
The PLCopen XML version of the library can also be downloaded.