May 2017

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PLCopen Newsletter - Issue May 2017

1. Official release of PLCopen compliant Function Libraries version 1.0
2. Announcement annual PLCopen General Meeting
3. Meet us at Industrial Automation Beijing, China
4. PLCopen welcomes new member
5. New PLCopen Motion Control certifications
6. New PLCopen Safety certification

1. Official release of PLCopen compliant Function Libraries version 1.0

The PLCopen compliant Function Libraries, version 1.0 as part of the Software Construction Guidelines initiative is now available on our website for downloading, including source code in a separate zip file.

Part of the modern software development methodology is creating re-usable components, called function blocks, which contain part of the application software functionality. This process is called encapsulation. The next step is to integrate these tested and documented components in a library, which everybody in and outside the organization can use, and in this way create extended application software faster and with fewer errors. This is where the association PLCopen contributed with their document on how to create PLCopen compliant libraries.

The association PLCopen specified these kinds of re-usable components already for many application areas, like the function blocks for motion control, safety and communication. Now PLCopen wants to reach out to the software engineers that create their own libraries on top of this. These software engineers can be found in areas like machine builders and system integrators.

To ease the development of user libraries, PLCopen together with its members created guidelines on how to create PLCopen compliant function blocks.

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2. Announcement annual PLCopen General Meeting

The PLCopen General Meeting is scheduled for Friday June 9 in Amsterdam - The Netherlands.

As special topic the afternoon is dedicated to the role of PLCopen in Industry 4.0, linked to the Administration Shell (Verwaltungsschale) as defined in Industry 4.0.

For this Mr. Michael Hoffmeister of Festo will join us in our discussions to share his views and opinions on this subject. Mr. Hoffmeister plays a key role in the Industry 4.0 RAMI Model and the Management Shell.

All PLCopen members can participate to this meeting. If you are interested please contact us for more details.

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3. Meet us at Industrial Automation Beijing, China

The IA Beijing takes place in Beijing, China from May10-12 at the Beijing Exhibition Centre.

The show is an authoritative transaction and promotion platform for industrial intelligent and automated products in northern China.

Check: to find out more about this show.

PLCopen has a booth in hall 1 # 06 and the Managing Director Eelco van der Wal will attend. Come and meet him there.

On May 10 there will be a seminar on Smart Factory from 13:00 - 17:00 in Meeting room 8, 2nd floor, Hall 2, of the Beijing Exhibition Center, Beijing, China.

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4. PLCopen welcomes new member

PLCopen is very pleased to announce a new member:

  • LS Mecapion based in the Republic of Korea. As a member of LS Group in Korea, LS Mecapion is a total solution provider for motion/servo/robot system in automation industry

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5. New PLCopen Motion Control certifications

We are glad to announce that four of our members have been awarded the PLCopen Motion Control Certificate:

  • Kingstar for version 3.1 of their product KingStar SoftMotion (PLCopen Motion Control Part 1 & Part 4)
  • LS Mecapion for their product MXP3.0 (PLCopen Motion Control Part 1)
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation for their product CC-Link IE Field Network Basic master module and the CC-Link IE Field Network Basic servo amplifier MR-JE-C (PLCopen Motion Control Part 1); and
  • 3S-Smart Software Solutions for version of their product CODESYS SoftMotion CNC + Robotics (PLCopen Motion Control Part 4)

This brings the total number of certified companies to 35 and of certified products to 68.

For more information please check our website

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6. New PLCopen Safety certification

We are glad to announce that one of our members has been awarded a new PLCopen Safety Certificate:

  • Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH for their new version of the product Sicherheitssteuerung b maXX safe PLC.

For more information please check our website

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