PLCopen updates their Safety specifications

PLCopen is working on updates of their Safety specifications. This includes:

  • the basic Part 1 - Concepts and Function Blocks;
  • the Application profile for Presses – Part 4, and
  • the User Examples – Part 2

The update of Part 1 is based on feedback of implementers which found numerous small errors. Based on this we will update Part 4 in line with the additions that were the basis for the major update of the basis document.
New versions of Part 1 and 4 will be published soon.

Referencing the User Examples in Part 2: in order to create examples that match the needs of the audience, we kindly ask for the help of the community. A community that extends beyond the PLCopen members. You are invited to submit examples that you think are applicable as well as give your feedback on the current document version 1.01.

PLCopen Safety Part 2 Version 1.01, can be downloaded from our website. Please email us for your feedback and examples till February 1, 2020.

Ofcourse this is also applicable for Part 1 and 4.