IEC 61131-10

PLC open XML Exchange Format (edition 1.0 - April 2019)


This part of IEC 6 1131 specifies an XML-based exchange format for the export and import of IEC 6 1131-3 projects. A complete IEC 6 1131-3 project implemented in an IEC 6 1131-3 environment can be transferred between different programming environments. It allows for the exchange of configuration elements, data types, and POUs written in:

  • the textual language, Instruction List (IL),
  • the textual language, Structured Text (ST),
  • the graphical language, Ladder Diagram (LD),
  • the graphical language, Function Block Diagram (FBD), and
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC).

The exchange format is specified as a corresponding XML schema. The XML schema is an independent file with the .xsd extension and as such part of this specification. The specification of this schema is contained in Annex A. Annex B provides recommended schemata for extensions. An example XML document is given in Annex C. It is assumed that the reader of this document is familiar with XML technology.

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