IEC 61131-2

IEC 61131-2: Equipment Requirements and Tests (edition 4.0 - 2017)


IEC 6113-2 is part of a series of standards on industrial control equipment, including programmable controllers, and their associated peripherals and should be read in conjunction with the other parts of the series. However, it can be read and applied alone.

Where a conflict exists between this and other IEC standards, the provisions of this standard should be considered to govern in the area of industrial control equipment, including programmable controllers, and their associated peripherals.

This standard defines for industrial control equipment the following:

  • Testing and verifications methods (Clause 4);
  • Operating conditions (5.2);
  • Temperature and climatic tests (5.2.1);
  • Mechanical requirements and tests (5.3);
  • Functional requirements and tests for power supplies, I/Os and other components (Clause 6);
  • EMC requirements and tests (Clause 7);
  • Marking and documentation requirements (Clause 8).

Product safety requirements for PLC and the other types of industrial control equipment now in the scope of this standard are specified in IEC 61010-2-201, which replaces the requirements of Clauses 11 to 14 of IEC 61131-2:2007.

The operating conditions and the temperature derating for altitudes are aligned with
IEC 61010-2-201:–1.


This part of IEC 61131 specifies functional and electromagnetic compatibility requirements and related verification tests for industrial control equipment of the following types:

  • programmable controllers (PLC);
  • programmable automation controller (PAC);
  • remote I/O;
  • programming and debugging tools (PADTs);
  • industrial PC (computers) and industrial panel PC;
  • displays and human-machine Interfaces (HMI) for industrial use;
  • distributed control system (DCS), and DCS components that are listed here in the scope;
  • any product where the primary purpose is performing the function of industrial control equipment, including PLC and/or PAC, and/or their associated peripherals which have as their intended use the control and command of machines, automated manufacturing and industrial processes, e.g. discrete, batch and continuous control.

In this document “control equipment” is equivalent to “industrial control equipment” as are PLC and PAC.

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