IEC 61131-4

IEC 61131-4: User Guidelines (edition 2.0 - 2004)


The object of this Technical Report is to introduce the end-users of Programmable Controller (PLC) to the IEC 61131 series, and to assist the end-users in their selection and specification of their PLC equipment according to the IEC 61131 series. This user guideline has as its main audience PLC end-users.

PLCs, their application program and their associated peripherals are considered as components of a control system. Therefore, PLC users should take note that this standard does not deal with the automated system in which the PLC and PLC system is but one component. However, when applying this user guideline, an overall system architecture evaluation is recommended. Functional safety of the overall automated system is beyond the scope of this standard.

An objective of this user guideline is to facilitate communication between the PLC user and PLC supplier according to the specifications of the IEC 61131 series that applies to PLCs and their associated peripherals.

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