Combination of Logic, Motion and Safety

The combination of Logic, Motion and Safety in one environment provides the user with a harmonized view of the overall application in one software environment, for both the safety and the functional applications.

In practice this offers less educational efforts and simpler transfer of knowledge and application software between different people as well as different locations and controls. Also, it tackles the "not-invented-here-syndrome", which is often a cause of errors and additional costs, in particular in the safety application. By using pre-defined and tested functionality, combined with support in the programming environment, one is able to add the safety related aspects to the application programs for easy commisioning. And that saves money.

This activity provides examples of the combination of Logic, Motion and Safety, making it easier and more natural for the user to integrate safety in their motion and logic application. Safety functionalities like mode selector, safely reduced speed, and several stop functionalities, have a direct link to the motion control application. However in practice different people are responsible for these sections.

The PLCopen document provides examples and guidance for the combination of the different technologies and is published as version 0.41.

Download the Logic, Motion & Safety specification